New Hebron Baptist Church

Monthly Newletter

Note From The Pastor:

Dearly Beloved,

Below is an article that I recently read that I felt led to share with you. It was written by Dr. Thom Rainer. Please read it and take it to heart! I believe NHBC is indeed a “Healthy Church”, and it is the desire of my heart for us to remain so and even continue to grow as a HEALTHY CHURCH!

Dr. Rainer states 7 traits he discovered as he surveyed the landscape of healthy churches.


I noted several characteristics of the thirty plus churches that I would unequivocally designate as healthy. When it was all said and done, I had nearly fifty different traits. But I was able to put most of these traits into one of seven categories.

1.        They truly believe in the power of the gospel. Sure, most church members and leaders would affirm their own belief in the power of the gospel. But few would actually act on that belief. Few actually move into areas and directions that can only be accomplished in God’s power. For most churches, it’s lip service. But not so for these healthy churches.

2.        They have courageous leaders. I call them “Joshua leaders.” They are ready to lead the people into the community and storm the gates of hell. They remind the members to be courageous, even as they are courageous. One pastor put it this way: “I don’t want to live a life without making a difference in God’s power. I will accept the challenges, the risks, and the criticisms to be able to make a difference.”

3.        They embrace change. Most church members, and some church leaders, fiercely resist change. They idolize the past, the way we’ve always done it. Or they fear the future and God’s provisions for the future. But the healthy churches on my watch list embrace change as long as it does not go counter to biblical truth. These churches don’t spend their energies and resources trying to convince people to move forward. They are ready to go!

4.        They are not nostalgic. Sure, these church members honor and respect the past. But they don’t live there. They are constantly anticipating what God will do in the present and the future. They don’t have time to be nostalgic, because they are too busy moving forward.

5.        They see reality. They don’t just see reality; they make highly intentional efforts to see reality more clearly. They often have secret guests evaluate their churches. They use tools to help them improve. They don’t fear finding something negative with their churches, because those findings become areas for improvement.

6.        They intentionally intersect their lives with non-Christians. They see their weekday vocation as a mission field. They see their neighborhoods as their Jerusalem in Acts 1:8. They intentionally work and do business with non-Christians. They are highly intentional about inviting people to church.

7.        They accept responsibility. Too many church members and leaders blame the changes in culture. Healthy churches see those changes as opportunities. Too many church members and leaders blame their denominations for not providing for them. Healthy churches accept their own responsibility for impacting the community. Too many church members and leaders blame other churches for taking their members and guests. Healthy churches realize the fields are truly white unto harvest. They believe other churches are partners in mission, not competitors. -- Copied – Dr. Thom Rainer

Your Servant For His Sake,       Brother Mike   


"When God's People Cook

Church Cookbook for Sale

Cost:  $15.00

Please come purchase a cookbook for yourself, family and friends.  Would make a wonderful gift!   All proceeds will be going toward missions.         Thank You, WMU Ladies

Sanctuary Flowers For October:

            October 7:   Glenda W. & Brenda Rainey

              October 14:  Susan Cliburn & Lisa Hux

              October 21:  Lindsay Renner

October 28:  Amy Riley

Wednesday Night Meals

October  3:         Fried Chicken,

Rice & Gravy, Green Beans & Dessert

October 10:        Chicken Alfredo,

Salad & Dessert

October 17:     Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Baked Beans, Potato Salad & Dessert

October 24:              Spaghetti

Salad, Green Beans & Dessert

October 31:              Soup Night

NOTES From Bro. Jerry

It’s not too late to get in on the ground floor of our Christmas Musical entitled “Come And See, Go And Tell”.  You’ll love it! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your music ministry.  It is so rewarding to see the Holy Spirit move among our people each Sunday morning. You can’t afford to miss a Sunday at New Hebron.  May our Savior be glorified as we continue to serve.

                      Sincerely, Bro. Jerry Peagler

Greeters For October:

 Front Door:  Jackie & Beverly Daughdrill 

 Side Door:  Stanley Stephens & Frankie Little

   Hallways:    Evelyn Bilbo, Janice Kirby & Ineva Hutchinson

Children Ministry News!

Kid’s Under Construction

Children 1st  –  6th grade  

Wednesday Evenings  at 6:00 PM

GA Kick-Off

Saturday, October 6th      10:00 AM – 12 Noon

1st – 6th Grade Girls

October 7th GA”s will meet every Sunday

from 5:00 – 6:00 PM

His Kidz – Sunday Evening at 6:00 PM

Children 1st – 6th Grade

               Starting a new series on October 14th “Campfire Stories”                   

Leaders: Renee McCool, Kayla Bryan & Kathy Williams

Children’s Hayride & Wiener Roast

Saturday, November 10th   5:00 – 7:00 PM

Home of Blake & Nikki Lee

All children 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Youth Ministry News!

Greetings Church! Can you believe that the fall season is already here and we will have cool weather before you know it? We’re in south MS, we may get a cool day or two.  Anyway, I am encouraged today because of how God is moving in the life of our church and in the life of our student ministry. If you aren’t plugged into the many ministry opportunities here a/t NHBC, I would love to encourage you to find a place where you are passionate and get plugged in.  Here is what is going on in Student life at NHBC  


We use a study called the Gospel Project where we are starting in Genesis and in 2 ½ years will work our way to Revelation covering most of the Old & New Testament. The goal is to equip our students with a Christian world view so that when they graduate high school they are seeing the world & people through the lens of Christ. In Oct. we will begin a session titled “God Establishes a Covenant People”.

Equip: Wednesday Nights @ 6:00 PM:

We are wrapping up a series on Ephesians: Our Identity in Christ. We will begin a new series in Galatians starting October 17th. If you are in 7th – 12th grade & aren’t joining us, you’re missing a great time.


-October 10th : Game/Trivia Night – Everyone come for a night of fun! We will have games, snacks,& just hang out! It’s gonna be good!

-October 13th: one-to-One: Our students ministry is excited to start serving our community one Saturday each quarter. It is one thing to talk about serving, but another to do it! My hope is that we engage our community with the gospel and share his love with others!

Thank you church for all of your support for our students! We love you!         -Jeremy

Youth Bible Drills Starts

Sunday October 7th at 5:00 PM

Acteens Meeting

Sunday, October 7th       4:30 PM

 Acteens is open to all girls 7th grade – 12th grade.

Attendance & Offering


 1st Sunday:  168                     2nd Sunday: 171

3rd Sunday:  146                       4th Sunday: 169

5th Sunday: 159

September Offering:  $35,231.77

Building Fund forSeptember:  $12,551.00

John Michael Hamil Scholarship Fund: $ 50.00

Margret Lackey Mission Offering: $1,725.00

Holly 4 Wheeler Fund:  $300.00

World Mission Conference: $939.00


Important Dates

Men’s Ministry Fellowship

Thursday, October 4th  at 6:30 PM

Red Beans, Rice & Sausage

Sr. Adult Luncheon

Tuesday, October 9th    at 11:00 AM

Deacons Meeting

Wednesday, October 10th    at 7:00 PM

Administrative Leadership

Team Meeting

Sunday, October 14th   at 4:00 PM

Church Business Meeting

Sunday, October 14th     After PM Service

Associational Annual Fall Meeting

Monday, October 15th   Bethel Baptist Church

Meal at 6 PM & Meeting at 6:45 PM

Messengers Are:

Charner & Frankie Little, Joe & Karen Riley, Jackie & Beverly Daughdrill,

Steve & Wanda Lee, Evelyn Bilbo & Glenda Westmoreland

Deacon Ordination Service For Benton Bell

Sunday, October 21st  Council  4 PM   Service 6 PM

Gals, Girls & Grannies Bible Study

Monday, October 22nd at 6:30 PM

Church Trunk or Treat

Sunday, October 28th    5:00 – 7:00 PM

We need donations of candy, LOTS of candy and hotdogs. If you would like to decorate your trunk there is a sign-up sheet on the information table outside church office. We also need volunteers to help with serving and registering families as they come to the church.

Thank You Notes

Dear Newhebron Baptist Church Family,

            My heart is overwhelmed by the love I have been shown by my church family. The Acteen Girls texted me, church members sent cards & messages, the Tigapa Class served us meals, and Bro. Mike came and  prayed with my family & I.

           I’m improving daily but I ask you to keep me in your prayers for complete healing.

                       Love,  Jeanine McCloud

Nursery Note!

Thank you all so very much

 for gifts of love and special fuss.

We heard them say how grand it was

and you did it just for us!

Please be patient with our staff

As they ponder, built and work,

On a special place to learn about Jesus

From Toddlers down to Birth!

So thanks again everyone

And know from our wee little hearts,

We really do appreciate…

That you all did your part!

With love, The NHBC Babies & Toddlers


Sanctuary Flowers

If you would like to place flowers in the Sanctuary in honor or in memory of someone, please come by the church office and place you name on the 2018 flower calendar to reserve that special date! You can also call the church office ( 601-694-2243) to reserve a date.


NHBC Security Team Duties

October 7: 

Sanctuary: Ronnie Jones & Charner little

Front Door: Corey Riley    Side Door: Colby Williams

Sound Booth: Jeremy Davis   Sunday School: Ronnie Chavis

October 14:  

Sanctuary: Billy Blair & Gerald Wigington

Front Door: Glen Nations    Side Door: Misty Nations

Sound Booth: Barry McCool  Sunday School: Dee Wiggs

October 21:

Sanctuary: Mike Cooper & Ronnie Chavis

Front Door: Keith Shows     Side Door: Brandon Henderson

Sound Booth: Jeremy Davis  Sunday School: Dee Wiggs

October 28:

Sanctuary: Joe Riley & Drew Harper

Front Door: James Yarbrough  Side Door: Mike Cooper

Sound Booth: Barry McCool  Sunday School: Dee Wiggs


SYMPATHIES To Our Members:

The Newhebron Baptist Church Family extents their deepest love and sympathy to the family and friends of:               Lynn Taylor

Sister-in-law of Donna Taylor

Shannon Hoskins

Grandfather of Molly Mayhugh

Father-in-law of Bobby Grubbs

Linda Evans

Sister-in-law of Donna Chavis



 Nursery List for OCTOBER

10:30 AM Worship Service:

Oct. 7:    Bed Babies: Brandy & Adyson Parks

              Toddlers:  Kerri Lewis & Lindsay Renner

Oct. 14:   Bed Babies: Nikki Lee & Molly Mayhugh

                Toddlers: Tisha & Gracie Stephens

Oct. 21:  Bed Babies: Joann & Cali Steverson

                Toddlers: Windy & Ashley Votaw

Oct. 28:  Bed Babies:  Penny Rainey & Kaitlyn Speed

                Toddlers:  Jessica Zachary & Sydney Royer


6:00 PM Worship Service:

  Oct. 7:   Misty & Brady Nations

Oct. 14:   Glenda & Kim Westmoreland

Oct. 21:   Ronnie & Donna Chavis

Oct. 28:  Louise Hamil & Kelli Groover


Wednesday Night Nursery List:

  Oct. 3:  Lindsay Renner

Oct. 10:  Shelley Bryan

Oct. 17:  Lisa Hux

Oct. 24:  Misty Nations

Oct. 31:  Lindsay Renner

Nursery Contact Person for October 2018:

            Lindsay Renner, 601-695-3859

Please remember if you cannot fulfill your date, please contact the nursery coordinator listed above! Thank you so much for being willing to take out time to serve in the nursery! If any one would like to serve in this ministry please contact Lisa Hux, 601-455-5793.