New Hebron Baptist Church

Monthly Newletter

Note From The Pastor:

My Dear People,

Below is an article that I recently read that I felt led to share with you! Please read it and take it to heart! It was written by Blogger, Author Tim Challies

7 things your church needs from you. Continued From Last Month

…Live Like a Christian All Week Long

It is easy enough to be a Christian at church, but then you get home. But then you go to work. But then you go to school. And then you’re surrounded by people acting ungodly, and even worse, you’re left along with your own thoughts and your own desires. Yet your church needs you to live like a Christian all week long.

Make your devotional life something you do not just for the good of yourself, but for the good of others.

Each of us faces different challenges and different temptations. But one key to living like a Christian all week long is spending time in Word and prayer every day. Make this a priority no matter how busy you are and no matter how crazy life seems. Make this something you do no matter how badly you’ve sinned and how little you feel like doing it. Pray day-by-day not only for yourself, but for your church. Take that membership directly and pray through it from A to Z, and then start over. 

…Get to Know People Not Like You

Churches are involuntary communities—we don’t get to pick who comes to them, God does. So what we have to do is learn to live with these people and learn to love these people, even when they are very different from us. “For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” If your church is divided so that all the young adults hang out together and all the older folk hang out together, or if all the people with accents hang out together and all the people without accents hang out together, that makes a statement about the gospel—that the gospel is not big enough and powerful enough to really make people love one another even though they are different.

So commit to get to know people not like you. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to say that some of your best and closest relationships are with people who are very different from you.

…Learn Generosity

Few things reveal the heart better than money. Money has an amazing way of displaying what you really believe and what you really value. No matter who and what stage of life you are at, there is no better time than now to learn to be generous with your money. Here’s what the Bible says: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” You must give, and you must learn to do it cheerfully.

Here are just 2 quick tips:

  • Remember that it’s not your money. The money belongs to God—He just gives it to you to manage it. And He means for you to manage it well and to his glory.
  • Give to the Lord first. I know people who say they can’t give to the church, and yet they’ve got a new cell phone and are carrying a cup of Starbucks into church every week. That doesn’t compute. Learn to give the first and best of your money to the Lord. The harder that seems, the more you need to do it.

…Be a Great Church Member

Make yourself invaluable to your church, and do this by serving other people. I love reading about Dorcas, the woman Peter raised from the dead who was described as being “full of good works and acts of charity” (see Acts 9). “When Peter arrived, they took him to the upper room. All the widows stood beside him weeping and showing tunics and other garments that Dorcas made while she was with them.” Dorcas was a great church member. She loved people so much, and did so much good to them, that the whole community mourned when she died.

Would that be you? Would the people of your church weep as they remember you for all the good you did to others? Find the place you can serve your church, and serve there without fail, without excuse, without requiring praise and accolades. Do it for the good of others and the glory of God.   - Copied

Your Servant For His Sake,       Brother Mike   


"When God's People Cook

Church Cookbook for Sale

Cost:  $15.00

Please come purchase a cookbook for yourself, family and friends.  Would make a wonderful gift!   All proceeds will be going toward missions.         Thank You, WMU Ladies


NOTES From Bro. Jerry

What a joy and Blessing it is to serve as your Minister of Music. We have so much musical talent and they are all willing to give back to the Master with their voices and instrumental playing. I look forward to being with you each Sunday. Only one month to Revival…the Worship Choir will begin rehearsal on Revival music July 8 at 5:00 PM. Now is the time to join the choir…trust me…you will enjoy the fellowship!

                      Sincerely, Bro. Jerry Peagler

Greeters For JULY:

 Front Door:  Jackie & Beverly Daughdrill 

 Side Door:   Randy Shivers & Christi Alexander

   Hallways:    Evelyn Bilbo, Janice Kirby, & Ineva  Hutchinson

Children Ministry News!

Kid’s Under Construction

Children 1st  –  6th grade  

Wednesday Evenings  at 6:00 PM

Note: Will be working on a Musical, “Nailed It”

His Kidz – Sunday Evening at 6:00 PM

How To Be A Superhero       Children 1st – 6th Grade

Meet in the Youth Department.

This month Leaders are:        July 1: Not Meeting                             July 8:  Dori Lowe

                                             July 15: Tisha Stephens                      July 22:  All Teacher

          July 29: Ministry Celebration

                         Children & Youth Back To School Bash       

Youth Ministry News!

Hey Church! 

Summer in student ministry is busy and so much fun! Thank you for loving on your students! We had a great trip to Panama City Beach, FL for Summer Xtreme! The students will be sharing during the evening service on July 8th. You won’t want to miss hearing about camp. 

What’s coming in July! 

-July 4th Fundraiser- Our students will be running a concession stand at the city-wide celebration in the park. 

-July 8th- Students will share about camp during the PM service. 

July 14th- Game/Movie Night at the Staff House! 6:00pm- Guys bring something salty; Girls brig something sweet! 

-July 31st- Children and Youth Back to School Bash at New Hebron Pool. 

Deanna, Harper, and I are thankful for you all and love you more than you know! Looking forward to great things as the summer wraps up and school begins.         -Jeremy



Attendance & Offering


 1st Sunday:  127                     2nd Sunday: 146

3rd Sunday:  129                       4th Sunday: 141

June Offering:  $30,591.52

Building Fund forJune:  $3,854.00

John Michael Hamil Scholarship Fund: $ 90.00

Indonesia Mission Trip: $10.00

Jolo Missions:  $130.00

Cook Book:  $ 15.00

The Riley Family Love Offering: $5,442.00


Important Dates

July 4th Celebration

Sunday, July 1st at 12:00 Noon

No Evening Service

Wednesday, July 4th

Church Office Closed! No Evening Activities!

Wednesday, July 4th in The Town Park

 6:30 PM Town Celebration &

Youth will have a concession stand

Girls, Gals, & Grannies Bible Study

Monday July 9th  at 6:30 PM

                                               In the home of Julie Harper, please sign-up if you plan to attend.

Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 11th  at 7:00 PM

Administrative Leadership

Team Meeting

Sunday, July 15th   at 4:00 PM

Church Business Meeting

Sunday, June 15th   After PM Service

Deacons Meeting

Sunday, July 15th  at 7:00 PM

Sr. Adult Luncheon

Tuesday, July 17th at 11:00 AM

                                                       Everyone bring a covered dish, meat will be provided.

Jolo West Virginia Mission Trip

July 21st  – 28th


New Church Logo T-Shirts For Sale!

We need you to sign-up with your size and money by July 15th. The T-shirts cost $20.00 each up to size XL, 2X and up is $1 extra for each X (Example: 2X will cost $21). Money will go to help with the Jolo West Virginia Mission Trip.

2018 Read, Pray, Obey

The Scripture Reading Plan is available on the Information Table Beside the church office.

Thank You Notes

Dear Newhebron Baptist Church Family,

    There are certain people we thank in our prayers, and one of those people is you, and this comes to say, “May God bless you forever for all you so thoughtfully do.”

     We love and cherish you all for being there for my mama and us.     The Hiel family

Dear Church Family,

    Our family would like to thank everyone of our church family for the prayers, visits, calls, food, text, donations to building fund, hugs and kisses during this difficult time. John loved each and everyone of you; his wish was to get to come to church one more time. This was because of the love that he had for his Lord and his church family.

   There are no words that can be said to thank Bro Mike and my Sunday School class for all the support that you have given me and my family.

    When you think there is no way, that is when God really shows you what He can do. This was what he can do. This was what He did on the Sunday that the love offering was taken up for our family. We just can’t express our thanks for the love that was shown to us that day.

          Thank you again for your love and support, and please keep praying for our family.

                                                                   Love to all, Elizabeth, Van, John Jr.,  Candy, Temo and Grandchildren

Dear Newhebron Baptist Church,

    Your kind and thoughtful expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers and your much needed prayers for our family.         

                                                                                                                     The Vonice Thompson family


Sanctuary Flowers

If you would like to place flowers in the Sanctuary in honor or in memory of someone, please come by the church office and place you name on the 2018 flower calendar to reserve that special date! You can also call the church office ( 601-694-2243) to reserve a date.


NHBC Security Team Duties

July 1:  Sanctuary: Joe Riley & Charner Little

Front Door: Misty Nations    Side Door: Glen Nations

Sound Booth: Drew Harper   Sunday School: Dee Wiggs

July 8:  Sanctuary: Billy Blair & Gerald Wigington

Front Door: Corey Riley    Side Door: Colby Williams

Sound Booth: Barry McCool  Sunday School: Ronnie Chavis

July 15: Sanctuary: Charner Little & Ronnie Chavis

Front Door: Keith Shows     Side Door: Dennis Hutchinson

Sound Booth: Brandon Henderson Sunday School: Dee Wiggs

July 22: Sanctuary: Billy Blair & Gerald Wigington

Front Door: James Yarbrough  Side Door: Brandon Henderson

Sound Booth: Drew Harper  Sunday School: Joe Riley

July 29:  Sanctuary: Corey Riley & Colby Williams

Front Door: Glen Nations    Side Door: Barry McCool

Sound Booth: Keith Shows   Sunday School: Dee Wiggs


Welcome New Member!

                                              By Letter:     13.  Matthew Emerson

          Welcome New Baby!

Name ………………….. Miller Dwayne Williams

Born ………………….…………… June 18, 2018

Weight ………….…………… 8 Pounds 9 Ounces

Length …………………………...……. 20 Inches

Parents ..……………. Colby & Amanda Williams

Big Brother ………….…………. Mason Williams

Grandparents ………….. Ricky & Gwen Williams

                                  and Dwayne & Shawn Miller

Aunt …………..…………………. Cassi Williams




Sympathies To Our Members:

The Newhebron Baptist Church Family extents their deepest love and sympathy to the family and friends of:

Jimmy Creel

Uncle of Donna Chavis

Billie Jean King

Grandmother of Brian Thurman


 Nursery List for July

10:30 AM Worship Service:

  July 1:   Bed Babies: Karen Riley & Pat Snowden

             Toddlers:  Lindsay Renner & Kaylee Daughdrill

July 8:  Bed Babies: Shirley Fraysier & Evelyn Bilbo

                Toddlers: Joann & Cali Steverson

July 15:   Bed Babies: Brandon & Amanda Henderson

                Toddlers: Windy & Ashley Votaw

July 22:  Bed Babies:  Tanya Bridges & Donna Nuckles

                Toddlers:  Tisha & Gracie Stephens


6:00 PM Worship Service:

   July 1:   Not Meeting

   July 8:  Jane Little

 July 15:  Kelcey Davis

 July 22:  Julie Harper


Wednesday Night Nursery List:

July 4:  Lindsay Renner

July 11:  Lisa Hux

July 18:  Kathy Williams

July 25:  Leanne Powell

Nursery Contact Person for July 2018:

            Lindsay Renner, 601-695-3859

Please remember if you cannot fulfill your date, please contact the nursery coordinator listed above! Thank you so much for being willing to take out time to serve in the nursery! If any one would like to serve in this ministry please contact Lisa Hux, 601-455-5793.